Faith in the Land of the Demolished

Locusts and Wild Honey � Church Sunday 11:00 shows pictures of how one congregation is having church on the street… actually on the foundation, which is all that is left of the building, but it is ‘open-air’ church. Church Without Walls.heh.

In many ways this title could sum up church for many of us across the nation, while still having buildings and lives intact, much of what we know of our faith has been catastrophically demolished.

That is what Fundamentalism is to me: the remnants of faith after all the naysayers and add-ons are finished with what they have tried to make it; what is left of that. The word means different things to others, so it is with semantical trepidation that one uses the word, but this is how I speak of it.

Foundations… that is a good place to start, but as in these pictures, you realize you really don’t want to stay there. You want to build something of lasting value, something that withstands all the force that the storm of life can throw. Even the unforseen forces of the category that Katrina showed itself capable of.

Perhaps the physical is not capable of that, but the spiritual can be. Some people in this nation have been stripped down, literally, to what is in their spirit. That is all the storm of their lifetime left them, and they are providing- though not by choice- illustration of what the spirit of an individual and of a community is made of.

I came upon this blog by way of BASSENCO’s Blog on the Lillypad 2: Some blogs of Note.

I had seen Lilypad linked to and probably read it over earlier in my blog ventures, but find I really really enjoy reading the posts. I was working through some of those on Christian Art of War first. The ones on Fundamentalism will be slower- I need to think more about those, and may have more to dispute. Maybe… just because I come from the other direction on the spectrum.

====ok and finally====

Shout out to DEREK, who my son, his friend, just alerted me is working as a commander in the Katrina zone. I am sure you are capable as always, Derek.

I had missed seeing you at church- now I know why.