Changes, Shifts, and What’s Coming

September 11, 2001 changed everything. Our lives and our nation will never be the same.

Did we learn from 9-11? We did. Did we learn sufficiently? We did not.

The huge catastrophe of Hurricane Katrina has vastly shifted our direction in this nation. It, too, has produced changes for all of us as individuals. It is not completely apparent yet, but time will show the extent of these changes. Our view of government, and of our cities, is going to be permanently affected.

What’s to come? If we do not change our ways, the attitudes we hold, the wrongs we tolerate and the reforms we refuse… things will become much worse. I believe our enemies are energized and planning to take advantage. And I do not believe the natural disasters are over for this time. See all those blog posts with suggestions on how to be prepared?

Heed them. Take notes and prepare. The Doctor Is In a good one.

And see that announcement for national prayer on September 16th? Do us all a favor, humble yourself and pray that day. Offer some prayers for those harmed by Katrina’s devastation, for wisdom for our leaders, for all who give help and aid, for those in our military forces, for our people to have backbone, for our future and for our children.

That should get you started, and if we are diligent to pray, we will see mercy and answers.