Oh The Webs We Weave

Today I read of the convoluted mess in which an Ohio Appeals Court has ruled on the ‘parental rights’ of the triangulation of the surrogate egg donor, the sperm donor and the surrogate mother . What a mess!

The woman who donated her own potential offspring is considered to not have an interest in them ( triplets) “whatsoever”; she was a college student, who, no doubt, believed all the palaver about the altruism of donating eggs or else thought that a paltry sum was pay sufficient for giving up what would eventually be a little baby or two. The surrogate mom presently has primary custody… and the sperm donor has visiting rights.

How would you like to live with that fishkettle of strangers all your life?

It is a situation involving court suits in three states.

When people talk about surrogate motherhood and sperm donors, they always make it sound so sterile and scientific, with the idea that it will be a logical and simple an outcome for the combined participants in the experiment.

But people are notoriously complex, they always manage to somehow to have unforeseen emotions, meanings, and aspirations get in the way. Despite all the “it’s only tissue” propaganda.

Oh those humans!