Fooling Around

-with the template design and adding and taking away things again. I switched the feed to point to google’s feedburner, so no one is signed onto that yet. Yes, Google is taking over the world, and I’m helping it. If you get something weird looking just wait for a little bit and come back, it will change. Just like the Ohio weather. Which has been just grand, by the way.

Speaking of our great state of Ohio, we have the first football hysterics game of the season this Saturday. It should be wonderful football weather and OSU ought to win this one. There will be something to pay if they don’t. Ohio becomes absolutely pagan when it comes to football- no “hail Marys” for them, and they dress up to rival anything imagined for Braveheart. Only all in Scarlet and gray.

I started back with PhotoHunt and am trying to make myself get more pics ready for my garden journal. Trying to move the cobwebs out of my brain- good luck with that! well, I’m off to Curves, now…hope to get that third time in for the week ( I slacked off a bit this past month).

Expect to hear more from Ohio and Ohioans as the prez race heats up- for some reason they think our state is pivotal. Is it, this year? both candidates are making another visit this coming week…maybe tomorrow … it is all blurring together with the overload of political ads, news, and constant talking heads discussing the minutiae of politics. It is the season for it. Are the rest of the voters as grumpy about it all as my husband and I?