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free grace network » Blog Archives » A kind word
She’s reading all the right people’s stuff!

The people over at free grace network are more than welcome. They provide a great resource. Read their “about” page – it inspired me to rethink my blogging. I have long sought to “take the precious from the vile” and concentrate on the positive of the gospel message, but often I trip up, their mission statement proved just what I needed to point me back in the right direction. I’ll likely keep doing the debate thing, but their goal “We want to be known by what we’re for” is one I want to model more often. Good examples of the bar raised for us all. Isn’t that what we should do in our relationship to each other?

I certainly benefit from the the wide variety of solid, well-thought articles on their site.
So you are very welcome, free grace network! The pleasure was mine -and the links are appreciated, too 😉

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