Making Discovery

I have been very busy on the computer this week. I’m using the discovery process to explore not only different blogs, but pursuits suggested by those blogs. One of those involves trying to supplement income. We have always struggled with this, and the way I always dealt with it as a SAHM was to (1) economize) and (2) pray. I’ve never been very good at capitalizing on my talents or resources, but since I have been blogging two things have occured to me, one an old idea not yet implemented, and one a new one as of today.

The old idea is Ebay. Yes, I have heard of it and all but I have never used it. Last year, I thought it would be a good way to tackle two challenges: earn something and de-clutter. Of the two, de-cluttering would most benefit me right now. Ebay would just make sure I get off my duff and really do it. I am one of those people, and fellow messies know my type, that holds onto things because someone somewhere would want it. I don’t know who! But someone… I am just sure of it, because it is still good, or it is someone elses style …. or some such reason. Ebay -if I can actually begin- will connect me with that someone and then I will feel justified in keeping it( the whatchamacallit) all these years. I made someone’s life better yay. I was a conservationist of some sort yay. I don’t have to face throwing it away YAHOO! You have seen into the secret part of my soul, now.

The new idea is:
that I spend inordinate amounts of time writing blogposts, and before that it was inordinate amounts of time writing web articles for my free geocities site, I could possibly turn that to supplemental income. Now I’ve found a place where I can submit writings freelance. It doesn’t matter if I’m not good enough to actually have someone pay for it, it will feel like it could happen. Ok, there is another insight in how I work. Always possibilities, possibilities.

Of course that means I will obsess less, and probably get into less trouble with online rows. But that is a good thing, yes?

Well, I am a dreamer and planner, so we will see if I can actually get my groove on (whatever that means) and actually focus it into accomplishment. I’m happy just because it makes me more positive. I had some moments of leaving the blog world last week.

I know I know, Heaven forbid 😉 Shhhh, don’t be concerned all is well – you have me to love here for now. -this is all tongue in cheek, I have to say this because there are probably those who think I take myself that seriously to be actually writing such a comment.

I won’t be able to be that personal with my signiture run on sentences if I am to write seriously, though….

…and watch the ellipsis that I have grown to love AND write it correctly. But not here.. here I will just do my little blog thing like I’m really talking to you. You, I imagine in my mind as an interested friend sitting across from me, with the same desire to talk over the topic. Or you are someone I have debated in the past and I am trying to persuade you… or you are my son or daughter and I very much hope that we can talk about the things your generation faces or will face.

That is how I blog. And I can’t see your dismayed expression, or your boredom as you click away… in my world here we are connected in that wonderful way that people can connect, and we are friends with intelligence who just like to talk about how to right the world and yet still take a break and go make dinner…
’til next time.

Oh, and I am going to probably change the face here, I am just not fully satisfied with squible, although it will remain as a theme choice. I know, not again! but yes.

2 thoughts on “Making Discovery”

  1. Hi Ilona,

    Great site and very interesting post. I also write another blog called Your Money 2 Keep at where I often talk about ideas for SAHM’s to generate supplemental income.

    You might also want to visit Darren Rowse’s blog where he talks about making money via blogging. Darren’s a pastor of a group of home churches and he derives an income (and a very good one at that) from blogging.

  2. Thanks for the info. You are a very busy bee ( I shouldn’t say that it could be taken for calling you a drone since you’re a guy)- one way to say that you do a terrific job on your blogs. You deserve your success:)

    I think I’ve seen, but I zip over there to see what’s up today.

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