Going Into Retrospective Mode

Today I was reminded that only a year ago we were waiting on news about the massive earthquake and tsunami damage …. only a short number of months ago we waited for the same in our own country…with Hurricane Katrina being the biggest natural disaster in America that I could recollect. Perhaps this is part of the reason that the year seemed to rush ahead- or maybe it is my age catching up with me.

My family is now reduced to the usual number and I am of a reflective mood, one of those types of reflection that is conducive to thinking about plans for the coming year. About what I desire to see in terms of accomplishments, and what I might do to remedy some of my worst habits.

…and you all know what that means, that’s right…. resolutions. I think this year I might make resolutions. I had given up on that awhile ago, but this past year I bought some organizers to keep everything in order- and since there are places for lists ( which I love to do, I absolutely love to make lists) I will actually be able to locate them once again. Even though the exercise of writing them helped organize my thoughts, if I misplaced them it greatly reduced the actual value.

I will blogging in earnest all week if I have my way… I am in the mood to record all sorts of thoughts. I received so much good from God this year, and it was in such contrast to the testings of the last couple years. I feel that though I would like to blog at least five out of the seven days, I think I will try to put one of depth for every few that are light or things like quotes, etc. That’s the plan.

But knowing me… my plans almost always …um..flex. OK, digress is closer to accuracy, but enough of this. Another post should appear later tonight. Right now cartoons are playing in the background- I just can’t write anything seriously when there are cartoons in the background.