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Did you know that a third of all words written on the web are on blogs? Did I hear that right? Listening to the Charlie Rose interviews tonight was interesting in terms of comparing it with my own internet experience. I was not acquainted with Mossberg from the Wall Street Journal– probably because I am not driven by the need to know what is new in tech. Most of my info is collected through using the net, so I have followed the leads in websites and blogs, but really… I suppose… it is through my sons that I become introduced to alot of what’s what in techology.

Anyway, Mossberg said some interesting things, but the news that Google might introduce banner ads through their business partnership with aol is unwelcome. Why don’t they get that we hate those animated ads, etc? I will tolerate some, but I really don’t like them blaring their message visually. At the bottom of the page, or if I stop the animation- OK, but I really hate flash. I have to say that. I hate flash.

There was some discussion of the new Microsoft Windows platform, “Vista”. Mossberg was generally optimistic, if non-comittal about that. And I thought there were mixed messages on web-based applications. Supposedly that is the wave of the future, and I can believe that- but the idea that it is more secure and that it will be dependable doesn’t jive with what I know of web-based applications now. The software we have now is always subject to update- but not inaccessable due to online interruptions, and anything web-based tends to change, not without notice but often without your choice. It is often determined that you need to pay- or pay more, etc. And then there are those decisions to sell you more stuff while you use what you have already paid for…. there is a fine balance that gets tipped – bad pun, sorry.

While I have decided to roll with ads and such, I liked the idea of ad-free websites, etc. It is just that that is one ship that has already sailed. When something is mass usage like the internet now is, it is inevitable that it also become a vehicle for merchandising. It’s the American way.

He mentioned how he used an ipod video when working out on a treadmill. For me that would be a reason to have one, which I haven’t seen need for up to now- but my kids just are all agog about the ipod. Like everyone else. I’m a little behind the wave, I guess…. until the idea of using it for a treadmill ( which I don’t have-yet-) seemed like a useful application.

I am thrilled by the generosity of one of my sons- he gave me a laptop for Christmas. This Christmas I received and received- I hardly knew what to do. But now I can be all distracted learning how to use a laptop; first rule of laptop etiquette is not to leave it on the floor ( my son’s words).

Sometimes I have mixed feelings about how much of our lives is consumer driven. I have so many gizmos- and sometimes I feel guilty. Do you ever feel guilty about how much stuff you have? I really do.

But I’m not sure what to do about it.