Good Conversations

I saw the tagline over @ Mmmm, that’s Good Coffee, and thought ” I have to add that to my quotes collection:

“The best conversations lead us to change our way of thinking and our way of living. In the best conversations we are forced to face the truth.” – Len Sweet, Out of the Question…, p. 102.

and speaking of the best kind of conversations, Intellectuelle is picking up good feedback and interchange. I just love that..just love it! Of course, Rusty Lopez (though no longer blogging at this time) was already one of my favorite thinkers, and Parableman is another, and AnotherThink. And those are just the men, MaxedOutMama and See-Through Faith although completely different in topic material are Thinking Women that I often tune into. And Crossing the Rubicon and Bookworm Room! I shouldn’t get started because I invariably leave someone out.

Like Uncle Sam’s Cabin which invariably inspires you on Thursdays with a list of thankfulness. I want to get back to doing that myself,it is a wonderful spiritual exercise and one that lifts my mood.

I almost forgot highlight A Certain Slant Of Light with his new url home. And I am in trouble now because I am starting to think of all my favorites and what I like about them…. whoa nelly…one at a time, one at a time….

4 thoughts on “Good Conversations”

  1. I with you completely, Ilona, love that quote. So glad you’re part of Intellectuelle.

    Thanks for linking to my Maple Weekend post, btw 🙂

  2. thanks for taking that quote for yourself, too – man, that is so right when i think about it, how we so often view conversations as opps for us to prove a point instead of being challenged and stretched by the words of others. good stuff – thanks again!

  3. it’s amazing where God leads us isn’t it? There is so much good and encouraging material and thoughts our there in blogs alone. I wish I had more time that’s all

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