Rally for Abdul Rahman at Afghan Embassy

Until I read this over @ LaShawn Barber’s “Rally for Abdul Rahman at Afghan Embassy” I had been following along, but hadn’t given it much comment-worthy thought.

When she said “Are Christian bloggers buzzing about this?” , it started me thinking…

Do we so expect Islamic persecution, so accept that as part of tolerating their religion and culture that we become blasé about the violent intolerance they perpetrate on people of other religious persuasions? I know we talk about it, some express horror on occasion, but are we becoming jaded to this oppression because “oh well, they’re Muslims, it is an Islamic country”?

Live and Let Die.

I think that is exactly what we do…what I do. Maybe we shouldn’t have that sort of prejudice, maybe we should expect better and use the opportunities that the tide of events in many of these Islamic countries now afford.

That seems to be precisely what this rally is about… speaking into the Islamic nations about right and wrong and what the rest of the world thinks of their harsh dealings with their fellow man. Calling them to account.

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