Hauntings From Viet Nam Era

Quite a good commentary on the present “Anti-war” movement, One Hand Clapping writes about his own view and adds the excellent Christopher Hitchens opinion.

The antiwar provocations
by Donald Sensing @ 12:33 pm.
In January 2003 I posted an essay entitled, “Does the peace movement really have good intentions? No.”

Old conflicts never really die, do they? You have to resolve them inorder to lay them to rest. As one who participated in the Moratorium movement because I was convinced that peace was necessary and the war was senseless, I also left it as the original intent and purposes of peace were betrayed by the rise of militancy among those ‘protesting’ war.

From Sensings post I can see that what we have now is a continuation… a stirring up of the old bear that simply went into hibernation, when we thought its time had passed.

Today I would add my own refinement to what Sensing has said about the “Down With America” segment of the protesters.

I believe that is an accurate assessment, but their “… real though unacknowledged motive appears to be hatred of western democracy and admiration for totalitarianism” is something that they would advocate no matter what or who was in charge. That is what they hate, anything that would over rule their own self will. They believe that the totalitarian system has them on top, that is how they picture it, and they are doing what they do for themselves, alone. They parade under high sounding platitudes, but it is greedy self promotion that drives them.

And as such, Sheehan is simply their pawn. That is all she is, twisted about so easily by their fawning and her sad insane grief. Which soon fades as this seeming crowd of well-wishers and lovers abound.

How sad for her when she will lose her usefulness.

As for the second group…. I have tried to post expressions of how very deceitful and dangerous blind partisanship truly is; how mislead the followers of the increasing polarities are becoming. To think that something is just only when your side advocates it… with no rhyme or reason of morality. This, this is the fruit of our secular god of relative truth. Feast your eyes on it. Fill your own belly til you vomit the carrion.

I still tend to be pacifist, in my personal views, although my philosophies have matured with understanding what God has to say about justice and the role of government. Maturity sometimes brings more questions and carefulness and less sure opinions, but I have always resented the way militancy stole the idealism of a generation seeking its way towards truth… no matter how clumsy it was. The militancy was Left militancy and it had no sense of honor. Only its lust for its own will, and we see the outcome of that, still. And it still deceives the young and naive, the idealists and the well-meaning. And that is a great tragedy for our time.

I will not poke ridicule at the Left. I will weep for their lost virtue.

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  1. You are right on about Sheehan, she is nothing more than a pawn. Her comments during the hurricane said it all, she is in this for herself and nothing more.

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