Thursday Thanks

We have more than one other “thinking thankful thoughts” bloggers today :Say What Now?: Something I’m grateful for


Uncle Sam’s Cabin usually tries to share her Thankful Thursdays…she has plenty of past posts to go through.

You know what is so helpful about these sorts of mental exercises, both ones own and the reading of others? It’s the inspirational value. There is just something about reading through or compiling ones own that lifts the perspective. And we have much need of that lately I think.

Today is already sort of hard for me, so I am not aided by the soaring sweet mama spirit that I sometimes have. I’ll have to dig below the press and bring out some ignored treasures to do my own list today.

This Thursday I am thankful for the relative security and peace of my life, I am thankful for hope that buoys me in a sometimes stormy sea of events, I am thankful for small kindnesses done me, for my children, for the privilege of writing for other people… I am so thankful for the feeling of meaning that my fellow man sometimes affords me. I am thankful for bountiful grocery stores. It really is a joy to get a flavorful fruit or something special and feel so luxurious in its pleasure. I am thankful for the steadiness of my life, in husband and household. I am thankful for artists and creative people- their expressions add so much to my life. I am thankful for autumn weather and sights, for the wood pile that will offer winter comfort, for the forthcoming cider and the clear nights with the golden moonrise.

I am thankful for my autumn of life, that I have made it thus far with the grace of God.