Hello, I’m sorry, what’s your name again?

I will blog again. But in the meantime… make a survey of the overwhelming events, and the rising confusion of political and moral scrambling to ‘find place’.

I have tried to look at some of the Left blogs… via The Heretick, who for some strange, but gracious, reason invites someone like me to interact on his blog. I seem to miss the timing, this week worse than usual. Via the God or Not a bit, too. But back to the Left blogs. I can’t even read them…not even to consider dispute because of the intensity of bile. It is like a great glob of bile has escaped the nations gall bladder and spews itself… much as physically happened in the city of New Orleans itself, when the floodings let loose all the contained sewage of the city into very streets and throughout all the neighboring waters.

It sounds like I’m blaming Lefties for this attitude.. I cannot totally blame them, although we all must take responsibility for how far we allow our tempers to rage and our tongues to flame. I see the same on the right in different ways, but not with so much vituperation and desperation, which has its own explanations none too savory to think about.

No, I look at the flood of teeth-gnashing facts and the depth to which our arrogance and misplaced trust has taken us.

Leftists may take that language as their own… but I warn them, how can they? given the fact that much of the source of this digs far into situations of their own making, results of their political successes and indoctrination.

But all is excused away…that is the primary emphasis of the intellectual energy I see…. excusing away. Not in the parrying of reasoned points, but blugeoning battleaxe swipes for territory.

That is why it is so hard to say anything on it. It reaches so far inward to all sides of the controversy and in both the sides which built up over the years. And no one. No One. to shut up the constant blather that is exhibited in the piranha frenzied public forum.

OK, the bile is there, but it was and is toxic. It threatens to poison the brain in paralysis of thought.