How Soon We Forget: ‘Kelo’- Whazzat?

Bizzyblog reminded me of something that I had been thinking about lately. Ohio never did a single thing about the vulnerabilities of its citizens to the Kelo decision fiasco. Nada. Nothing. And everyone forgets about it until the damage done is phenomenal.

Well, Bizzyblog updates us by taking note of this, among other things:

In an editorial, the New London Day (requires free registration; will require subscription after seven days) tells us that absolutely nothing has been done in the area that was the subject of the Kelo v. New London (CT) Supreme Court decision — even though the final settlement agreement with the holdouts was over a year ago. Oh, and the first agenda item for the area where a perfectly fine neighborhood of houses, many over a century old, stood, is ….. (brace yourself) ….. building 80 units of ….. (I warned you to brace yourself) ….. rental housing.

And take a look at the beautiful layout of his site…. now there is how a design should look:)