We Did Forget

Everywhere were banners, “We will never forget”, but the sad truth is now that we have reached 2007 there has been alot forgotten since this fateful day, September 11, in 2001. Despite the irrevocable changes that day has brought us, many have forgotten the hard lesson and the sobriety of that day.

The forgetfulness is inexcusable. There is still Muslim terrorism at work throughout the world, and those terrorists are emboldened by the equivocation of so many in the West on whether we should stand against them. They see it as victory for their cause, while we delude ourselves that we have “come to our senses” in viewing the threat through “more kind and tolerant” glasses. Because we conveniently forget.

We have important entertainments to be busy about, and we have our own problems…. we can’t be bothered with lessons from something that happened in 2001. 2001 is so yesterday.

We forget about so many things…. the holocaust, is another. It is just a downer to remember, and it gets in the way of today’s agenda. We have evolved. Evil has evolved…. what is evil anyway?

But the wise will remember… they will take time to consider lost lives, and humanity’s loss. And the lessons…. they will remember the lessons of these times and events.