I am afraid of eBay

True confession. Really, I am afraid of trying something new, and worried about failure. My usual way of coping with that is to research like a crazy woman…. reading, thinking, preparing, doing everything in my power to control the unknown. The unknown of eBay…segue in haunting music…. umm the X-files theme….

How silly is that? But I need desperately to de-clutter and to learn how to use my eBay account, which I’ve had, but never used for a number of years now. I don’t want to say how many….

Anyway, two things have helped move me closer to the goal of actually just jumping in and getting my feet wet. I read some advice on Vegan Mama that made me more comfortable and confident and I read a little piece of wisdom on Common Craft that I have posted in the sidebar.
Vegan Mama recounted this in her post,”Packrats & BreastPumps
” I put a breast pump up for sale which sold five minutes after I listed it. Although my price was higher than several of that were selling the exact same thing.

I marketed it well I talked about the pump, it’s benefits, and included bulleted items of what was included along with numbered items of the freebies I tossed in.

I gave away some excellent freebies. I included Pumping Breastmilk Successfully by Susan Stafford and Medications and Mothers Milk by Thomas W. Hale.”

And Lee Lefever of Common Craft encourages with “Solve Problems When They Need To Be Solved“.( I know I’ve given a plethora of link love to thei blog today, but they helped me so much in the masterful way they get simple things across to the big Duh’s of the world ( me))

I think I am moving past the fear now. Such a silly thing to fear, but tied to that big kahuna of fears: fear of failure which is tied to fear of success in its own perverse way.

I keep telling myself ” I have not received the spirit of fear… I have not received the spirit of fear” and I haven’t, but sometimes live like I have. So kudos to those who give me some tools with which to extricate myself from those pernicious ways I hold myself down….

Love, power, sound mind…. I’m coming to ya’.
and eventually will get going on eBay;)