I Didn’t Realize

… and usually I don’t until after the fact. In changing over to WordPress all my articles and posts have different url links. oops. For myself that will mean so much more work to get this blog in working order and for others it means 404’s I guess. The comments seem to be here for the most part, but they don’t show up so well, not sure what gives with that.
Don’t you just love jumping into new programs? Isn’t it just so much fun? =P

I just know this has extrapolated life applications, but I am too busy transforming the innards of this blog to draw the insights. Isn’t that how it often is in life? We could have great insights if we were’t so busy with the daily stuff of living.

Sometimes I wish I could slow everything down- the inverse of that common childhood desire to speed everything up; but then I have the realization that it doesn’t solve the basic difficulty if we could have those powers. The basic difficulty is our need of wisdom and realizing just how God’s timing is best. If we could get in sync… that’s the needful thing, isn’t it?

2 thoughts on “I Didn’t Realize”

  1. “let go of all the past” seems to be a recurring message that God is giving me… thinking it is something that would make everything easier right now.

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