Dissecting Don Knotts Lovability Factor

Actor Don Knotts dies. …
Griffith: “Don was special. There’s nobody like him”

It’s easy to enumerate reasons people are respected. Their accomplishments, their impact on society, their personal integrity can be well documented. It is quite a bit more complicated to figure out why someone was so well-beloved, and when commenting on the death of “Barney Fife” Don Knotts passing, that is the highlighted emotion, ” loved him”.

It isn’t a passionate movie idol sort of love, but the love that comes from our own culture base, exemplified by the man behind the role playing the role we best love.

America loves its clowns because we love humor. But sometimes it is more than a clown, it is the underdog who triumphs, it’s the self-deprecating- yet ever hopeful everyday guy, that we best love to laugh with. Don Knott’s character with the ridiculous manner and overblown heroics, the good heart and the true humility garnered a lot of love over a lifetime. He represented something of what Americans used to admire, the little guy who wasn’t handsome, wasn’t smooth, but who had a big heart and lots of guts …even while trembling in his boots.

We liked that about him, and we loved that he brought that out in ourselves. We’re all sorry to see one more American icon fade into the sunset.