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Now I suppose I’ll have to get serious about blogging again.

I don’t have a design that I’m comfortable with yet so things will change around until something clicks with me. If you read this, now is the time to suggest what you prefer. Fonts not big enough, not excited about purple? More color, posts too wide? Stuff like that. Blogging platforms are so different…

right. We all knew that.

Alrighty… how about some conversation? I was listening to Christian radio the other day, and we have this station that advertises itself as ‘family friendly’. That’s its main claim, anyway, so some guy called into the program and grilled the DJ over a passing comment that was deemed unfit for a teenage girl. The comment? “Girls rule, Boys drool”. Admittedly, DJ’s do a lot of talking in a day, and half of what they say is probably silliness, since that is what our culture demands…. but -really- Comrade Christians, do we have so little to get worked up about? This is what can just drive me crazy about fellow Christians…. ya’ mean well and all, but I want to get out the wet noodle and slap ya’ll silly with it. Sloooop! Take that for making me sit through your lecture and delight in making the poor DJ grovel.

Am I wrong here? Is it so important to edit out references to this sort of cultural idea? I guess my take is that we need to transform our minds, and impact our culture with the Christian set of values, but…do we really have to nip at the heels of every little misstep? Isn’t that just a bit of the martinet?

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  1. Still here. Just got my RSS feed updated.

    “Isn’t that just a bit of the martinet?”

    I think of myself as pretty well-read but I have absolutely no idea what the above phrase is supposed to mean. 🙂

  2. mar·ti·net

    1. A rigid military disciplinarian.
    2. One who demands absolute adherence to forms and rules.

    Hi Brian:)
    I guess I felt that a call-in reaming out the DJ over this comment was like the be-spectacled commandant with the little whip under his arm.

    I didn’t think this was so much a case of “catching little foxes” as nipping at the heels to keep someone rigidly in line with a personal bugaboo. If there was a genuine concern with that phrase relaying “lust” or whatever, couldn’t a personal email tothe station or the DJ have sufficed?
    I just didn’t like to hear the guy get raked over coals for it on the air.

    …and you get a new term to add to your own repetoire…should you choose to accept it [segue in “Mission Impossible Theme” because I am all about entertainment lately]

    Thanks for being here and commenting{{hugs}}

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