I Don’t Know How

…it happened, but I lost half of the last post and have NO COPIES. My laptop suddenly shut off yesterday, and I find today that the post is half gone. I tried googling, but I haven’t found it yet. Will update.

All I was doing is trying to fix typos…..
It is taken private until I can fix things. If I can locate a copy I will repost it, if I can’t …well I will write new with as much of the ideas that I can recapture, but it would be a new post. After I get through being discouraged and depressed about it.
====my philosophical side sets in====
Things break. Things get lost. We live imperfect lives in an imperfect world…. and there is nothing we can do about that. We live much of our lives trying to control the outcomes: getting organized, checking the details, following the procedures. We try and we fail…. with regularity. There are two ways to look at all this which is pictured with the trite, if true, glass half _. So what is it? My blogging life: half empty…. the rest of my life: half full. What is Christ’s determination for me? Full and overflowing.

I think I want things too much. I think all that striving subverts the abundant overflow of my glass and my hope. I think I, in perfectionism futility, try too hard to get things rights and mar them in the process. I apologize. But I am not sure who I apologize to. Maybe myself, for letting down those perfection standards once more.

If my small number of blogging readers don’t mind I will pick up and try again. And I apologize to you,too: I am not much of a blogger, but I want to improve.

2 thoughts on “I Don’t Know How”

  1. That is a real pity – it was a very good post. Please do repost. I came over here wanting to link to it and comment in an expanded posting on my blog.

    I too don’t think that caring is the problem with either religion or politics – it’s caring ABOUT THE WRONG THINGS! There is a reason Jesus emphasized conduct so much. We can easily get lost in our intellectual self-justifications without that check and balance.

  2. 🙁 I’m totally discouraged. I will have to write something completely new from the place where it truncated. I will try to email you a copy of the new one if I can get past my funk. Right now I have no time or inclination to write.

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