I’m not trying to make you mad

…. and I don’t suggest you do it on a Sunday, but if you want some idea of the hostility against Christians, especially from those once within the ranks, I suggest you visit Ex Christian Net. I notice they are way up there in the topblogsites rankings, but that isn’t where I became familiar with those who post on that site, or that it existed. I became familiar with them in my time on forums, especially one athiest forum I had participated in for awhile- which seems to have been an education of sorts for me.

If you want to be put out and huffy after reading anti-Christian ranting then forget what I’ve suggested here, but if you want to prayerfully seek ways to understand how many Christian youth become so alienated, or the complaints , often based in how people are treated by you and I, then it is worth your while.

I don’t sympathize particularly with disgruntled athiests and “ex Christians”, or the logically impaired contentions they often raise, but I do care about prodigals and the fact that their Heavenly Father is looking for their return. I think this is an area of evangelisation that we overlook, and that has a huge potential for delivering healing to the next generation. Just something to think about.

Oh, yes, if you are easily offended this is is probably not the ministry for you, conversing with wounded souls…. but until you have some compassion for them, maybe it would be good to consider their plight. And it is a terrible plight to be lost from the Loving God who cares for you. It merits prayers and a heart of mercy.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by. I’d forgotten how much I like your site. It’s edgy and it makes me think.

    There are a lot of ex-Christians out there (and in Finland most Lutherans are nominal too) and there are two reasons either the on fire ones were badly hurt /ignored in church or church was never made relevent for them in the first place.

    We need to become brothers and sisters, for church to be a family – a functional one, with all ages, and we need to be making disciples,

    I care about the prodigals. It breaks my heart – I read Alan Jamieson’s a churchless faith no so long ago, and some of these are coming back but not to the church as it is now. We have to make room and we have to start to bind up the broken hearted.

    (I didn’t have time to visit the forum but thank you for caring … for praying … and for extending God’s hands of merciful healing)

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