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I enjoy reading Charles Lehardy of Another Think. A few posts back he wrote of flamenco, with evocative words and illustration, which is one of my favorite dance and music forms. Some years ago I had borrowed a documentary film from the library that widened my perspective of this cultural form of music and dance. It comes from the gypsy culture- which so many love to watch and so few like to tolerate.

Today I noticed in his sidebar the name of musician Phil Keaggy. It took me back to the first year I was saved by Christ Jesus. I had been one of those fiery converts bright with enthusiasm for God. So in my newfound convictions I destroyed my bridges behind me-including breaking and tossing all my record collection of the time. I was pretty poor in those days, but got enough money together to buy a hymn collection of some country artists scumbled together. That became my only music along with the Christan radio fare of the same.

You need to realize at this point that I hated the country music style- I was die hard rock… the edgier the better. But along with numerous other tokens of past sinful living, the records were among the first things to go. In this, you cannot imagine how my first time listening experience of Phil Keaggy impacted me. “What A Day” played in the Christian bookstore I had visited and I had to have it! I think I played that LP until it almost wore through. Then as I could I bought Larry Norman…. Lamb, Second Chapter of Acts, Keith Green,and others …. then Bob Dylan…Saved! I still like his tracks from that time especially well. The lights turned on in the room for me when Christian music came with contemporary sound. I remember how thrilled I was with each new turn of those times.

And today -seeing the name on ‘Another Think’ took me back and made me remember.

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  1. If you ever have the opportunity to join Keith Green for a live worship time, do so. The reason I can’t say “see a Keith Green concert” is because it’s far from that.
    Joining him is like eavesdropping on someone worshipping God with all their heart, and you’ll never forget it.
    For me it makes me think that it must have been what it was like for those who watched King David praise the Lord. Those in attendance are merely allowed to be blessed and most certainly humbled by even being near such praise.

    Far too many praise concerts are merely concerts in which the performer is the star of the show instead of God.

    Simply an incredible time it was.

  2. I grew up on Larry Norman! My dad was a fan in high school, and that was the music I grew up listening to. Randy Stonehill, Resurrection Band, Sweet Comfort Band too!

    So cool!

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