In 2006 You Need

More tidbits of me! – of my blog- of all the trivia and pedantry you might have otherwise missed!

I just didn’t want to name this another “Odds and Ends” title or what not, now read all this fab trivia, OK? ( and no, I never say “fab” that I can think of in real life… I must think it- it turns up in my writing often enough)

I was at yet another “mouse” blog… not that my blog name is any great shakes, I would change it if it didn’t mean scrapping lots of ‘something or another’ work, but it started me thinking… what animal would you identify yourself with? Lots of women choose cat (all feline family included) or mouse. (which makes me think digressively about how women interact… are we playing cat and mouse games with each other?…)
Those are sneaky animals, you know? They also have attributes both cute and endearing and disgusting. That is right- cats can be disgusting, just ask me how they snuck onto the back porch and ate all the cookie dough that had been rolled, cut -painstakingly into delicate snowflakes, and awaited the oven ( which was in use for the roast at the time). Just ask me about the smell litter boxes make no matter how often they are cleaned. Just ask me about how mom and siblings made me always stop what I was doing to adoringly hem and ahhhh and nod my head to “Look how cute they are” “look what they are doing now”. Worse than some doting grandma. ( which I became over the Christmas vacation-ask me later)

Where was I? Oh yes, what animal would you be? Don’t worry about the cat catharsis… in my youth I would have called myself a predatory type of Kitty- or maybe a Cheshire Cat ( always a great favorite for me- no doubt due to the wonderful John Tenniel illustration). Now, I don’t know. Something sleepy eyed. but not a dog… I like dogs, but I am not dog-like. Hmmm. Too hard-next!

From the site aforementioned, but not named ( which I will attend to here in a moment) I went to a Birthday site. Now usually I eschew these having been involved in astrology pre-born again days ( I have things against astrology-ask me later), but I went anyway because I like trees, and this had a birth tree ( threw you for just a second, didn’t I?).

This is me:
Your birth tree is

Cypress Tree

The Faithfulness – Strong, muscular, adaptable, takes what life has to give, happy content, optimistic, needs enough money and acknowledgment, hates loneliness, passionate lover which cannot be satisfied, faithful, quick-tempered, unruly, pedantic and careless.

Fair enough, but I don’t have concerns about loneliness. I have sometimes felt friendless, but I don’t get lonely. I like my own company, honestly. And anyway, I am always aware of God’s presence and besides all that I have too many kids to ever feel that being alone is anything but a treat. There you have it.

I used to be muscular- I used to be lots of things that are only memory now….

AND I am way too adaptable, I had a talk with God recently and now have a promise for the coming year: becoming a godly Woman of Purpose ( ask me later)

birthday site via Mouse Marie

Moving right along….

a financial plan

Although I can’t think of how people can rely on the information that is out there! I am convinced that our economy is rolling along through speculation, although I know that isn’t right if I think about it. It rolls along on the hardworking backs of blue collar Joes and Janes. When will we say no to more taxes? But people just scramble along working too hard to think. There sure is an awful lot of bs to shovel through in trying to figure things out.

I was reading the prospects for 2006 and nobody knows anything, of course. Some say good year for stocks, some say bear territory, but we have something to test: that treasury yield inversion. “They” say that this means recession in a year. The trouble is that somewhere things have changed, because the signposts the great “They” navigate by have proven undependable. When my dad’s stocks went to us, my sisters both sold out. One of my BIL had some bad luck and hates stocks ( but likes funds-go figure) – but I held on. I mean I never had any financial anything until this. And I still can’t get a job because I want to finish raising the kids…and anyway don’t know what I want to do when I grow up-YET! Blahblah. Anyway…. I’ve got some “win some lose some” from my dad. I shifted things around a bit to “diversify” and I did all right for a beginner. I pray alot, OK?

When I say I pray alot- I mean I ask God for the mercy to know when to pull out and what to do so I don’t injure us all financially.
For the short theology on it I believe God wants to prosper His people, but so that they be conduits of giving, not consuming. the long theology on it would take more than a couple posts- ask me later.

Ok, that’s it. I have obsessed and associated and I want to end this now. Later!