Insurance Tips

Paul at Wizbang wanted some helpful info on what to do after the disaster. I came across this article and submit it to whom it may concern:
5 Tips: Hurricane insurance – Aug. 30, 2005

The Main Points

1. Contact your insurer, stat.
2. Document, document, document.
3. Live with it…for now.

Make only temporary repairs before the insurance adjustor has a chance to come in and access the damage. Of course you should not compromise your safety. But if you have a leaky roof, just put some pots and pans around instead of having the damage fixed by a professional.

4. Watch out for scammers.

5. Protest your settlement.

If you’re not happy with how the claim is settled, go back to the agent, and document your side to the head of the claims department.

*For more information on public insurance adjusters, go to the National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters Web site at or call (703) 433-9217. It’s a good idea to call your state government’s insurance commission for a background check on any public adjuster you’re considering.