Thursday Thankfulness

Today I woke with thoughts of those in the Superdome, with stale air, thrown together with all sorts of people, no privacy, rank unworking toilet facilities, sick with anxiety. How difficult their circumstances are right now.

I took my coffee onto the front stoop to sit in the morning sunshine, looking at the flocks of birds starting to migrate to the South, the clouds of creamy cabbage butterflies flitting around my lavender hedge…. and I thought,”How blessed I am”, how good to be in my own home, private and safe and comfortable. To enjoy a quiet morning and have so much good all around me.
….And I thought back to the many who have lost their homes, whose patience must be strteched until they are once more in a safe harbor, their lives in order…

A prayer for them, and the stronger fold of determination to try to reach out and look for the many opportunities to be of help in the months coming. I favor giving through my church, they are people I trust to do well with the money. This is how thankfulness flows out, it gives some of ones largesse to others.

We have need to be a brave people now, to cultivate thankfulness. And with my comforting cup of coffee and the blue skied clear day given me, I am thankful to for the example of Samantha Pierce, who each Thursday takes some time to record thankfulness in her blog. It is a great grace to have good examples that build – unseen – habits into your own life. It made me think to write down today’s gratefulness, to live more fully in the day which is blessed for me, to treasure up its prosperity against the evil days, the trying days, that I may take them out to examine and remember. To tide me over until I can see sunshine and peaceful skies again, should they cloud over.

We have so much in this country to be thankful for, so many to whom we should be grateful, so much of comfort, so much of beauty, it is there, waiting to be noticed, waiting to be appreciated.

2 thoughts on “Thursday Thankfulness”

  1. Just caught up with this post of yours, and I know I become redundant, but I love the way you think, the goodness of your heart, your searching spirituality, and the beautiful way in which you express yourself in words.

  2. You, Bernard, surely count as one of those who builds grace into my life. Thank you for being so very generous with your kindness.

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