Is Blogging Good For Your Marriage?

I guess I will find out. My husband has been fairly benign about my sometimes obsessive blogging. Now, I have finally finagled him into joining me on my D-I-Y blog, because, frankly, he does all the real work and provides the hands-on expertise. I’m mostly the research and ideas department.

Anyway, I was starting to have second thoughts…what if he likes blogging as much as me? And he already pointed out something I got wrong in my posts.

Mostly he is allergic to the computer. He’s been known to smash the keys in frustration. But I told him blogging is as easy as writing an email- something he likes to do with fair regularity. So we will see. And he writes much better than me- he has a knack for it. It is just the actual “get thee to the computer” and do it that remains to be seen.

And how this will affect the balance of our marriage roles -now that he actually is reading some of my writing…..

and the nom de plume I gave him? The same by which he calls himself around here: “The Handyman”

Now that I’ve announced it he will have to post…at least once. Or you know I’ll never give him any rest;)

[while editing a typo, I add:]

I am half afraid it won’t work out- I ask family members to co-blog with me, I think of friends ( but haven’t asked them yet) and it doesn’t work out… then when I think it will I worry how it will go. Isn’t this terrible? Is this from perfectionism or what, exactly?