Reading and Writing

Everyday I have been posting something somewhere. I’ve either been very,very good in this respect…or very,very bad. Depends on your perspective.

Accidentally crossposted @ Happy Thoughts with the same post as @ my old house, but earlier I had written down an event from Church that morning. Every day there is a new Advent post. And I put up ( now this is a rare event) @ truegrit talks in the Townhall community. I even try to keep up the garden journal with a gift suggestion list for greenthumb people on the Christmas list. Although, truthfully, isn’t that preaching to the choir? I mean, all of us who garden know what we want….. and who else visits garden journals?

But that is collating my own links for the week. I also visit many more blogs than usual. It is like I’m scanning for something. Except I’m not sure what I am scanning for. I do notice that I suffer beaucoup ennui in the politics of the moment. I still respect President Bush, and think He is a great president. It makes me sad to see so much disrespect for him around the web.

But that is for another days post, perhpas.

I may have to take a breather.

or not.