Item to Track the Way of the Blog

Grabbing The Grassroots

Google’s ability to bundle big numbers of small sites based on hobby or passion is a topic of much chatter on Madison Avenue. Google says it developed the service to cater to advertisers clamoring for more control over where their ads were being placed. Unlike Google’s AdWords program, where advertisers pay per click, the cost of marketing on the site targeting network is based on a fixed price per thousand ads displayed.

Judging by Paramount’s reaction, that’s a winning formula. Site targeting is now a standard part of its movie marketing.

Your blog is now in the cross hairs of Madison Avenue, no longer some peripheral distraction. Weblogs are where the surf traffic, increasingly, ends up.

That is because it is more alive and interesting due to the endless variation of individuality. This Madison Avenue targeted interest will be the mixed blessing of the “Midas Touch”. Some things in blogging will turn to gold…but at the cost of losing the organic vitality that we like so well.

Things are already solidifying. This is inevitable, I think.