Finding The Silver Lining

In Biblical scripture silver is representative of redemption. In a very real way that is what is said in the proverbial “find the silver lining”. It speaks of looking for whatever good comes of a difficulty.

Interestingly enough the element of silver has antimicrobial properties. There is a new technology that uses an electrolytically generated source of stabilized ionic silver as a disinfectant.

Silver nitrate has long been used as a compound with antiseptic and astringent properties. Not something ofr a person internally, but applied on the flesh is used in a number of medical uses.

Silver is the best conductor of heat and electricity known,and it has the highest electrical and thermal conductivity known for any material. It’s reflective properties are well known.

So when you face a problem and look for a silver lining, you are looking for much more than a platitude or two… you are seeking to redeem the situation and this is fulfillment of the admonition to “redeem the time, for the days are evil”. You are bringing something that repells decay and dissonance into a sin-sick world. You are giving God a conduit for His light and healing to reach into the circumstance. And reproducing a view of His love, in and through you.

Rainmakers have used silver iodide crystals, which have a similar structure to frozen water, to create nuclei for water drops to condense upon. So while you may think that you have enough rain in your life, there are times when we are parched for rain. The scriptures use the picture of rain to compare the effects of God’s spirit giving life to our dry and thirsty souls. Silver being redemptive and salt being judgement, these things being enclosed in the sacrificial life of Christ bring the rain of God’s spirit to the seeds of His Word, both concerning our sins and His promises.

Silver was “the lordly price” paid for the Savior, unknowingly bespeaking of His Redemptive properties. His malleability to our need as He conformed His Holy self to us in our low estate. Because this world has brought us down, we had been left torn and beaten. He has come,now, to restore and make us whole.

And that is the light that shines within our darkest night. The silver lining that we may look for…. much more than an optimistic exercise. It’s history reaches into the law of Moses and before that.

May God’s silver lining be evident to your eyes, and may you treasure it up in your heart to carry you through the demands of the year … and this is what we can heartily hope for one another as we wish for a prosperous new year- the abundance of health, hope, and strength.