Reason To Return To Our Core

Thomas Sowell has written on the Christmas/Holiday debate… and extrapolated it out, as his fine thinking is wont to do.

I would like to add at the outset that this is all the more reason to get serious about our “core”- about what it is that really is foundational and to not only express, but live in tandem with those core values. This is minefield territory. To choose out the steps of our priorities and to walk circumspectly and decidedly.

…read what Mr. Sowell has to say…

The people who wrote the Constitution all knew exactly what an establishment of religion was because they had all lived under one -the established Church of England.

Being established meant that everyone had to pay taxes to support that church, whether they belonged to it or not, and that people who didn’t belong to the established church could not be admitted to various institutions or be appointed to certain official positions.

This had nothing to do with Christmas, merry or otherwise.

It is one of the sad signs of our times that we allow the ACLU to bamboozle us, or bully us with lawsuits, over something for which no one ever passed a law.

The ACLU gets away with this not only because of liberal judges who create their own laws out of thin air and call it “Constitutional” law. The ACLU and others get away with spooking us on all sorts of things, even when they don’t threaten us with lawsuits, but only with not being in step with the latest politically correct notions.

It is not just on religious issues that the media and the intelligentsia seem determined to suppress the symbols of Western civilization. American flags can be seen on homes in working class communities but seldom on elite college campuses.

Those who banish the symbols of a civilization often undermine that civilization in other ways as well. People who warn us against being “Eurocentric” are often totally Eurocentric when it comes to condemning the sins of the human race as if they were peculiarities of “our society.”

These are not just isolated foibles that we can laugh at. No society can survive in the long run without the allegiance of its people. Undermining a sense of the worthiness of a society undermines that allegiance – and, without allegiance, there is no defense.