It’s Thursday? Time To Be Thankful

I have been unexplainably full of thankfulness lately. I just feel that there is so much good that God has been doing. There are often times during the Christmas season when I have experienced a surge of one of the fruits of the Spirit. It isn’t always the same one.

This year I feel great peace and thankfulness for all God has done this past year. Some of it is due to the resolve of some family demands. I laid my father to rest, finished out the executor duties, which taught me so much, and have been closing the book on many of the tumultuous chapters of dealing with my father.

My children are proving the Proverb scripture that all mothers hold on to: “Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it.” I see hope and light in areas where I had dark days of tears.

I am at peace with the decision to have my mother share our lives here. I think it is a mutually beneficial thing and I think that this fulfills the plan that God has for how the elderly should walk into the next phase of their path.

None of these things came easily to me, but that has increased the sense of gratefulness.

It is one of those places of quiet and renewal. What I have found is that you have to let yourself surrender completely to the restoring good feeling and peace…. you never know when the next storm will challenge you, and these times build strength for those .

I am so thankful for the beauty of this winter. Beautiful snow, quiet days, good things to look forward to, table of plenty, another holiday with family, hot tea, …. just so, so many good things.

I am really glad that the feelings of anger that seemed to be so resistant to reason are losing their hold.

And Wasabi peas- I have some particularly fiery ones that I am really enjoying! Whew!

2 thoughts on “It’s Thursday? Time To Be Thankful”

  1. The key to your mood is probably the bit about none of those things coming easily to you.

    The things we know we should do, but quail at, are usually the things that make us happy in the long run. I’m glad you’re enjoying the season. I’m still a kid at Christmas. I might be a bit broke this year, but for some reason despite all the problems I’m in a very Christmassy mood.

    Somehow it’s more solemn yet more joyous.

  2. You have had some real tests ( is that a pun…?)- I’ve been following along in your blog. So glad you’re in the spirit of the season- that is the beauty of Christmas- it just generally lifts us closer to the Lord.

    Personally I think that is what the unbelieving world enjoys about Christmas, too- when they sense it. The proximity of God’s comong down and sharing Himself with us.

    I have no real explanation for my mood. I just accept the gift… I wish I could float along in peace through everything that life had to send my way.

    Maybe I’ll learn;)

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