Shorthand of the Soul

Have you ever noticed the poetry or selected tidbits of prose a person chooses? Not their essays or their lists of favorite books, but those little pieces that the person presents like small jewels of the heart. I believe these give you a shorthand profile of that persons soul; their dreams, aspirations, and knowledge of what they value in their heart of hearts

Next time you skim over a blog or read an interview…even look at some pieces of art, think of deciphering the hidden message of that persons soul. There are universals, but there are idiosyncrasies as well.

We are all seeking to connect some way.

3 thoughts on “Shorthand of the Soul”

  1. Uh oh, insight… I’d better stop adding those little touches before somebody figures me out! 😉

    “Sevens” are coming soon, really!

  2. no hurry on the 7’s
    But getting the insight on people is the fun of it. It gives you greater appreciation of someone.

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