Just When You Think You Know It All: She’s an Expert

She Lives: She’s an Expert

“She’s an Expert” is just about the BEST thing I’ve read in a long time. If you parent, if you’re a mom, if “professionals” are jerking your chain on how to do this or how to do that with your children…. get a grip by reading some plain old good advice from someone who has been on the inside and reports back to you on…..
the real story.

So, I worked with about three thousand kids over the course of my career. I knew everything there was to know about raising emotionally and psychologically healthy kids and what to do with defiant or disturbed kids. I knew how to “fix” an unhealthy family and how to prevent all that stuff from coming about in the first place. I was an expert.

Then I had kids of my own.

What’s the first thing the expert does? He starts asking questions. He measures the kid, weighs him, takes hisDummiesbook_1 temperature and blood pressure. He asks mom how old he is, what he eats, whether he’s ever fallen on his head or been abducted by aliens. Does he pull the legs off insects? Can he read? Do people like him? Why? Why does the expert ask all these crazy questions and have mom fill out a b’zillion forms asking about everything from the color of the walls in the kid’s room to his relationship with his best friend’s cousin’s pet dog’s uncle?

Because the experts don’t know squat about our kids, that’s why. To them, the kid is a case and the mom is a client.

oh, yes, there is more…..much more.

gems like this:

So, if knowledge isn’t enough, what do we need? We need wisdom. It’s not enough to know you’re supposed to be consistent in disciplining kids, you must actually be consistent in a way that works well for you and your kids.

She Lives, and today she educates you. Listen.

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