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I am finally within the “gender debate” part of the Giles book. As clued in from the introduction I knew I would not be nearly so in agreement with Giles thinking in this part of the book, but what took me a little off-guard was how depressing it is to review the opinions of past theologians on the nature of women. It is not as if I was unaware of the views- you can hardly read history or past writings without the traditional view of women becoming apparent, but to have the long list of litany read out one after the other. It is depressing.

I’m trying to make sense of it, fit it into a perspective. There are some things of traditional view that my experience says are true. One – which some would hotly debate – is the idea that women are the weaker of the two sexes. The Bible says that women are “the weaker vessel”. Having lived over a half century ( wow- that makes one feel weak right there!) in this female body, I do have the opinion that this not only true, but much more true than anyone wants to admit. And it has to do with the function of reproduction. It takes a whole lot from a body to reproduce another human, it seems to take a lot just to have the ability to reproduce that human…. and that is not even counting in the parenting demands, just the physical reality.

When we ignore what pregnancy and birth entails we get outcomes like postnatal depression which completely goes haywire. If women were more nurtured and supported during their reproductive years they would function better. But I think one reason that doesn’t happen is that we, as a culture, are encouraged to ignore the realities of the female body. Feminsim has become more a force of suppression than of freedom of expression in this case. We can’t admit to our needs or weaknesses because of how that impacts the party line. And that is a great shame and loss for women. They can talk all they want about vaginas, but when it comes to the uterus…. they are suddenly at loss except to empty it.

And that is the truth.

But it is also true that we have a lot of repair work to do concerning what traditional thought conjectured concerning the reality of being female.

The President, Immigration, and Solutions

I listened to the Presidents speech last night. I read over some of the blogging reaction. I personally felt that the President is taking the right tack on this. I think some things demand a centrist approach and this is one. It is not immoral to want to work humanely with the situation and I think there are so many areas of our nation that are impacted that we must start with something that is less than both sides want.

Remmeber WW2? Remember the Japanese internment camps? That was a shame, that was inhumane, even thought the thinking at the time was that it was in the national interest. I fear the same mistakes may be made if we took the policy of rounding up all the illegals and deporting them en toto and take a hard line.

I thought the outline of the President was something that can be implemented, will begin to deal with the problem, and set us on the course to making immigration policy everyone can eventually live with.

I take issue with those who want apologies from the President for the past neglect. It isn’t just an executive problem, and not just one under a single administration. We need to do something, and I think we are given some steps to take.

Let’s do that.

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