Last Night’s Dance

I remarked on So You Think You Can Dance? at the blog last night, right after the show. I just think some of the dance choreography on this show is outstanding. It is favorite TV watching around our house, although admittedly the guys don’t get as into it as the girls. The Wade Robeson’s “Jazz” piece was just exceptional on every level, and I don’t say that with bias even though contestant Hok is definitely a favorite for me.

Poor Pasha, though. He seems to have all the bad luck, and besides that, his original (Anya) partner is shining. I don’t think Americans take well to Russian men. They see them as awkward and aloof many times, while they warm very much to the feminine Russian persona, perhaps as a culture we interpret their same aloofness as mystique. The warmth of both is also interpreted differently in our eyes.

Hmmm, now I am thinking about cultural differences. . .

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