The Beauty of Lament

In new blog, I’ve found a voice that resonates with my heart. Oh, I know you wouldn’t know it, as I have a tendency to ire and some sharpness… but my heart leads me in the direction that Eclexia has indicated in the post My Mentors in Lament.

In reviewing some of the blogs appreciated, Eclexia expressed this about Internet Monk:

Which brings me to my last Lament Mentor. The best (in my opinion), internet lamenter around: Internet Monk. Many people online rant and rave about things which I also think about. But I don’t particularly enjoy reading rants and raves about things which I think are wrong, because usually those things make my heart hurt, they don’t make me mad. And if I read angry rants, I start to get angry in a way that feeds bitterness, which doesn’t change anything (except making me more miserable).

Internet Monk is different. Sometimes he rants and raves, but usually I think what he is doing is lamenting–being excruciatingly honest about things that are wrong in this world.

It is this quality of the lament that I think Francis Schaeffer so often tried to convey. And perhaps it also is something of what was meant by describing the Lord Jesus Christ as the man of sorrows. A redeeming sort of sorrow.

As one with a melancholy bent, I have often been at odds with the Pentecostal groups I have had fellowship with… not just them, but with a whole culture that despises the beauty of lament. I am so grateful for this post that gave me a place and an understanding for the direction that anger and lament ought to take me. It was something that my heart keeps trying to tell me, but which I have a hard time embracing.

I found Eclexia via Lingamish… another fine blog new to me.