Making Resolutions?

Happy New Year, Everyone!
Traditionally this is a time to make resolutions, and I had stopped doing that after years of futilely being defeated by my own good intentions and weaknesses…. but this year I plan to go ahead with a twist. This year I want visions and goals. Some of these are continuations of life changes I have been making…some are new endeavors.

The usual top ten resolutions that people make are:

  1. Spend more time building relationships ( Time with family)
  2. Get fit
  3. Lose weight
  4. Break bad habits ( stop smoking, etc.)
  5. Get Organized
  6. Improve quality of life- more leisure, or more enjoyment
  7. Learn something new
  8. Accomplish something meaningful ( helping others, volunteering, etc)
  9. Get out of debt -budget
  10. Improve on a skill

I’ve got some in those categories. Here’s something from one of my favorite sources of personal thinktank fodder: anything under the category of “self-help”. A little advice on how we can better stick to the resolutions and see them through. Although my own advice is”just get serious about it”. Good intentions are sometimes self-deluded little tiny lies that we tell ourselves. , but if we get honest and serious in our intent I really think that goes a long way into making progress.

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3 thoughts on “Making Resolutions?”

  1. Happy New Year, Ilona, and best wishes for success with your challenging list of resolutions. One “skill” that requires no improvment from you is your writing talent; and know this — you do something “meaningful” every time you post your thoughts and insights! That’s why I remain a fan.

  2. Mindy challenged us to do this another way. She wanted 12 thing we’d do by the end ofhte year. I couldn’t find 12 – not in those terms – things I could achieve with effort but I came up with these six (Mindy’s blog is on my sidebar -can’t remember it off hand)

    so, six things I want to have done by the end of 2006

    No special order

    1. phone Mindy (at the very least, but actually get over my phone phobia and phone others too)
    2. preach in Swedish
    3. write my thesis on the Eucharist (MY own set deadline is August)
    4. meet my friend Alice in Canada, (and other bloggers there too)
    5. learn to reverse with the trailer
    6. observe the sabbath in a special way every Saturday!

  3. Bernard- you are the sweetest, but really too kind. I hope to improve my writing… I have a long way to go on that. It is people like you, strong encouragers, people who lend their vision to creating a better world, from the individual scale to the global, who inspire me. I benefit so much from writers and thinkers like you and I now have a regular roster of the best. It would make a good January post to list them and the reasons I especially like them. It is just that the roster is growing … it is getting away from me!

    I appreciate your dear friendship.

    Lorna- that is a challenging meme. I will have to think in those terms because I believe that is a truly helpful exercise. Getting specific:)

    Of course you make me curious again ( I like that about your writing). Why Saturday? … and I too share that phone phobia, but wonder what form yours takes…just with bloggers or a general “hate the phone”?

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