What’s Up and Coming?

Today the fam is playing games and watching the Notre Dame-OSU game @ the Fiesta bowl ( on TV). The local news reported on the unlucky few who had bought tickets to Arizona and got cancelled last minute. OOooo, they have got to be steaming. I wonder if they ever made the last minute arrangements and got there?

I am going to try to write just a little more on the Christian view of moral obligations, because I thought of of few more things… but mostly I hope to get down to business on that BBC interview – considering atheism arguments, etc.

Why do I bother to do this talking head preview? Because I might be ignoring some things in order to get these posts online, and then I will be somewhat absent as I have plans to visit my first grandchild and son’s new family in Arizona. My husband will get to take over full time here with the homeschool and everything! That means he works from home during that time. It should be interesting.

I purchased some fitness DVD’s. Took a look at them- a couple are hokey or short. The Hula one is hokey…really bad music; the Firm yoga is short and has no frills. Not a good value for the money, but I have always liked The Firm. The Kathy Smith one has her usual consistancy…but the Gaim Yoga one looks the most promising. It has the most thorough format. I think that is going to help me the most. I had to change to more stretch-yoga format because I am so out of shape right now, although taking vitamins has really helped me this year.

Have you guessed that exercise is on the front burner for the resolutions of 2006. I have a goal to institute regular expercise… no numbers for weight loss nothing more specific than having a minimum of three times a week. I’ll be happy with that accomplishment. This is for a several pronged effort at being more effective as a person. The thinking is that if I am stronger and healthier I will be better able to serve my family and others and I will be a good steward fo the life givien me. That is the thinking, anyway.

After January, if I am still focused, I intend to have a more serious type of blogging. This is such an opportunity, it can refine our thinking and open the doors to discussion of very difficult topics. It can offset the smoke and mirrors our society so loves to surround itself with…

By time this is read, most people will know the outcome of the game- right now it’s tied – and the noise level of the crowd must be overwhelming for those physically present at the game.

All in all this post doesn’t bode well for the goal of more serious blogging does it? I don’t think I mean that I won’t have these little fireside talk type things… that is unlikely…. but I think I will try to be brave and give more time to the tough subjects nad try to keep my whimsical side relegated to my other blogs.

I saw articles on gender use of the internet- those ideas seemed worth looking at- and I have a couple things in draft concerning the twixter generation. Don’t know if those will see the light of day, we’ll see.

I had one of my dear Christian friends here for food and talk, we were discussing some things when she said she is ready to throw theology out the window , because of so many things we were taught that were actually liabiliteis. It led to some interesting things, one of which is that she, as I was before blogging within the Christian community, totally unaware of the “emergent church”. We come from the charismatic, pentecostal, prophetic streams and really the emergent church movement seems more a branch of the mainstream church groups. I don’t think it has it’s Catholic compnents…at least I haven’t seem anything labled in that way.

There is so much that can be under the radar even our own backyard. I find that a little strange to consider. Maybe because its acts as a sort of ego check. We like to think we know our own bailiwick.
-but life is full of surprises, and more often than not we find out how little we know. Well, I do, even if you don’t. But I love you anyway 🙂