Mary Yerkes–Releasing the Artist Within

Interview with Natalie Jost
How do you define Christian art?

I don’t know if there is such a thing as Christian art really. I believe God created us all originally to be “Christian” in essence, even before Christ, so art in itself would be Christian by default because we would all be in that mindset already. The problem is that the world, through sin, has come to produce art from a worldview which deviates from God’s standard. In that way, you could define Christian art as anything created from a heart of godly worship, where the artist has a personal connection to God the Father, and Christ the Son, and who is led by the Holy Spirit to that end. It is reasonable to say that everything that person creates is Christian art.

2 thoughts on “Mary Yerkes–Releasing the Artist Within”

  1. “It is reasonable to say that everything that person creates is Christian art.”

    Kind of a broad-based pronouncement there, wouldn’t you say?

  2. Yes, and I think I know exactly what you are thinking on this 🙂 I thought, myself, of putting a caveat on the quote, but then thought better, simply because there seems to be a stream of truth in here that we don’t usually entertain in our Christian view. What we create from a heart that is in the state of worship -which is arguably what we should always be- will be Christian in intent and execution… and wouldn’t that qualify as Christian Art? And doesn’t this come under the admonition “Do all as unto the Lord?” in our work? Art is a type of work- the work of the artist.

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