oh yeah, you’re so nice

It’s my blog and I’ll rant if I want to, rant if I want to…..you would rant too if it was spoken to you ( to the tune of “It’s My Party” WHAT? You don’t remember that song?)

You know what bothers me? People, although it is mostly women from my experience, who are so convinced about how nice they are. With all sorts of false modesty they will just chat up their wonderful good qualities and -by default- those of us who don’t anty up something are trogledyte losers by default. Un worthy.

I don’t know if it was my Calvinist upbringing or what..but ain’t nobody so good they need to go on about it. In fact, no one is really good if you take the Lord’s word for it. But we play fast and loose with the term, anyway.

I’m sorry it just irks me. I put in plenty of time in the black sheep fold, and I know some of those lily white fleeces are anything but. I also know that most of them are just run of the mill human. It is quite human to think you’re better than you are. I do it all the time, just not in this area. This area is one I get to see clearly.

Oh well. The trouble with looking down your nose, and it is that, although you will hear arguments that it isn’t….looking down your nose at someone is one guaranteed way to never get to know other people very well, those who are different from you in their struggles and their successes. Usually thinking about your own fine qualities means you tend to herd with those in your perceived echelon.

Men don’t find so much value in their “niceness”, they tend to have pride about other things… like their alphabet soup, or their cronies ( now there is a buzz word of late). This is not strictly gender specific, just role tendencies, I think.

I am taking this out on you dear blog readers, -sorry. I know that if I don’t let off some steam about it I will likely go off responding in a pendulum fashion, and that is something that has been well illustrated to be completely unproductive. I have found myself playing the ‘bad girl’ just due to expectations and in reaction to the falseness of the “nice girl”. Not that I dislike genuinely nice people, you understand. But genuine niceness doesn’t get all huffy and enumerate the laundry list of the “rejects”. Letting them know all the things they aren’t by going on about all the things you are. Supposedly.

That is the defining word..rejection. Some people so buy into creating their in-crowd rules of conduct because it has buffered them against rejection, but then they become so overpoweringly rejecting of others.

wow. I have to think on this, loads of applications of the thoughts and thery just popped into my head.

Right. Time to go do some manual labor or something…

Oh BTW, if you are thinking this is about you, it most likely isn’t, or you only have some hidden bits of it which is not at all what I’m complaining about, because the actual tenet beneath this idea is that we all are faulty, in the sense that the doctrine of depravity has it. When all you have is the ideas of guilt and depravity, you are in big trouble psychologically, even it it is true. There is despair without the amelioration of grace and the promised free forgiveness and complete love of God.

So if you are worried you probably have a sensitive conscience. You most likely wouldn’t have lots of thoughts of how good you are, because you are sensitive to your own weaknesses, capiche?

But if you are all smug about your superior qualities…well. Stand advised.

5 thoughts on “oh yeah, you’re so nice”

  1. You just let off that steam! I’m not sure you meant to be funny here, so I’m trying to stifle my laughter. The great irony is that the funniest things about people are also the truest.

    Can it be that the back-tilt of the head positions the nose so it is impossible to see beyond the insecurities? It’s probably safe to say that nobody wants to be rejected when they’re out to be respected. Too bad we all can’t be more respectable in our efforts.

    What do you suppose it would be like if we were all perfect? So far, there’s been only one Good Guy; the rest of us just don’t measure up.

  2. If we were perfect we wouldn’t know it, right? I can’t believe I was funny. I’m one of those people: what if you cracked a joke and nobody laughed.

    I was almost afraid to post this… to expose my awful rudeness once again….

  3. My immediate thought? When people look down their noses at others they give you a pretty good view of the boogers up their noses. I wonder if they know that? Can’t take any body seriously when you’re checking out their boogers.

  4. {{Samantha}} that was absolutely hilarious! I never thought of it from that perspective, but now I will never see it the same way.LOL!

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