On Board At Intellectuelle

News! I joined the group of women who blog @ Intellectuelle…. they are terrific and it is invigorating to be part of a creative group. My first post,A Woman’s Place is online. Come comment, please:)

4 thoughts on “On Board At Intellectuelle”

  1. I think you will surprised at the revived version 🙂
    the ladies are getting their groove back and are getting more members. It looks good for the future.

  2. I was kinda just kidding around :). I remember when Marla started Intellectuelle but I may have read it 3-4 times since then.

    It was more of a comment about you than them.

  3. 🙂 You are so sweet – I appreciate the thought. I hope the synergy over there makes it a must-read.

    and it would be great if Marla ( and others) would put in occasional posts. She is a such talented blogger.

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