They Are Watching…or Stumbling Upon

about …possibily you!

and here is a scarey thought:

Because anyone, anywhere, at any time can say anything about you on the Web, reputations are scarily open-source. And because entire companies dedicate themselves to recording every inch of information on the Web, it’s becoming difficult to unplug from the Google matrix, let alone make anything on the Internet go away. “This takes people’s own agency out of how they want to present themselves,” says Alice Marwick, a technology consultant and PhD candidate in New York University’s Culture & Communications Dept. The Internet started out with avatars and anonymity. Now online and offline are bleeding together. “It’s consolidating personal information into the aggregate,” says Marwick, even though “our social practices haven’t figured out how to keep up with the technology.”

sort of wiki-personalized.

…teenagers on the “companies and co-workers” section of MySpace who are talking smack about employers like Blockbuster (BBI ), Target (TGT ), and Gap (GPS ) are clearly unaware of the implications. “People need to realize that this is like putting stuff up on the 6 o’clock news,” says employment lawyer Garry G. Mathiason, a partner at San Francisco’s Littler Mendelson. “Once you’ve opened the drapes, people can see everything. They can see your past life.”

a word from my Sponsor

The world is becoming a more unforgiving place, it seems, but the good news is: God still forgives. And after He throws your past sins into the seas, there ain’t no dredging it up.

a new term for me: ‘Google juicing’ as in:
“It’s the preoccupation du jour as Google hits become the new Q ratings for the creative class. Search engines provide endless opportunities for ego surfing, Google bombing (influencing traffic so it spikes a particular site), and Google juicing (enhancing one’s “brand” in the era of micro-celebrity). Follow someone too closely and you could be accused of being a Google stalker. Follow yourself too closely: Google narcissist.”

Google juice actually sounds yummy. but can too much be bad for you?

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