…is the virtue I ask of those who sometimes read here. I am working on background things and on my life a little. Trying to be faithful with homeschool duties, trying to make good on my word to Intellectuelle in getting a new template ready ( using a ready-made, but still have to code and all that, which is taking way more time than I anticipated); and I will have to work on some of the graphics for it. Keeping faithful to the Curves regimen. Trying to do household duties that always seem behind, and working on some pages for my now widespread sites. ( they seem widespread to me… just keeping track is taxing my little brain!)

But I haven’t forgotten you my truegrit denizens of the deep:) I am planning on resuming the promised topics, and organizing things in the background a bit better to make the series posts easily navigated.

Be loves and sweet friends and sign up to my feeds,et al.