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Thinklings » » Ingrid Schlueter and Al Sharpton

Alan of Thinklings had some things to say including this little gem:

Evaluating such potential links becomes more difficult because of the echo chamber effect. Being of a particular movement, in the blogosphere or the civil rights arena, draws those who think like you do, creating fellowship with those of like mind and antipathy towards those who are not. The tendency is to ignore signs that your initial judgment may be wrong, and you have to seek far to find counsel from those who would look at your evidence from another angle. Those who have such contrarian counsel unfortunately do not tend to lurk around watchblogs or true-believing political outfits.

I thought that was an apt summary of much that goes on in the blogosphere. I liked it, Contrarian that I am.

I also made note of other things he had to say, but the biggest question in my mind while approving of his points was wondering whether the quicktime of blogging is given to such consideration? In blogging we tend to ignore the counsel of scripture that we be “quick to hear, slow to speak”. And perhaps that is an extension of the conversant society to which we belong. Including our Church venues. When was the last time we were induced to be quick to hear, and slow to speak? Most of us would get offended. Most of us practicing such would find ourselves quickly passed by…not that that is a bad thing when remembering “not very many people are watching. But our only righteous judge is.”

All in all…. this was a post I felt like considering in that meditative way that impacts my actions by influencing my character.