For the Weekend

This last week I have blogged alot, for me. I’ve read many others blogs, and tried very hard to check out the new trends in blogging and in design. There are still many blogs of favorites that I haven’t managed to read… and I feel hopelessly behind in both virtual and real life….

I did some writing that maybe you have time to check out:
My DIY Fixit stories are starting
I’m renewing the Garden Blog and it is going to get much more of my time – so if you enjoy gardening you might want to check out my Garden Journal. I am going to see if any of my family members are interested in guestposting here, right now they are not into blogging, but I think it would give welcome dimension to the blog.
**Posted a Happy Thought, too.
I will blog little over the holiday… but I put in enough here for the week. Whew! I’m sort of worn out…of course some of that is that next week is the big M-day…that’s right, my mom makes the final move to this address, and we begin the adventure of dealing with all her stuff! This week was spent organizing and trying to put together the move. In some ways it is scary. It will really change my life I think.

New and exciting blogging ahead;)