Radmila Explains It


We’ve politically corrected, human righted ourselves into a corner where parents aren’t even allowed to discipline their own children without the government getting involved.

Child abuse is not so much spanking your child, as neglecting to parent them.

I want Radmila to move to the US. I want her to run for office.

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  1. erm
    I might be missing something here – but I’d want to read more of this before I applauded it.

    not too long ago it was PC to beat your wife, and spank your child. I wouldn’t want to go back there, would you.

    I know she says that the issue is neglecting to parent a child and I’m 100% in agreement with that … and I agree that the PCness is often out of balance, but … anyway now I’m off to read what she stands for behind her blog. Should have done that first I think. sorry!!

  2. Let’s look at it this way: You have problems with giving a child a swat on the behind because that is somehow beyond the pale of discipline…yet, the discipline of getting into drugs, or the early and destructive loss of innocence, or just plain banging their head into societies brick walls and needing the discipline of spending their life trying to get back on track…somehow that is ok with everyone?

    There has traditionally been physical discipline that is not on par with wife beating or abuse. Everything we call discipline administers pain in some way…

    There is a balance and if you can’t see that, then it is probably best that you handle discipline in your own way and hope for the best for your family. Maybe for your family that will be what is best, but I doubt if you are seeing the types of problems that Radmila has….

    I appreciate what you are saying, I really do, but you know what bothers me? That horrible child abuse has actually increased in its extremities with the disuse of traditional physical disciplines. I don’t know why that is, but perhaps there is a disconnect going on with the parents who find it impossible to raise their children full time and deal with the bad behavior.

    Also, in cultures where children, especially male children are indulged and not much disciplined there is both more tolerance for wife beating and physical abuse of female children. This is another disconnect with the prevailing theories.

    The type of intensive parenting that gives good results from other forms of discipline than the simple smack on the hand or swat on the back side is not found often in our society.
    If you provide that for your children I applaud you. Loudly.

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