Roaming Maggies Farm

I’m supposed to be cleaning, baking, and other holiday activities ( I spent all last evening in the mall doing the some obligatory Christmas shopping). But this afternoon I spent maybe an hour enjoyably, and leisurely roaming around Maggies Farm blog. I especially enjoyed the Dog of the Week category.

This is how to enjoy blogging… reading some of the good things out there, and really digging into some of the excellent past posts of a place. It makes having a blogroll worthwhile, when you have the time to visit your favorites and really get to know the place. Too often my blogspotting is more like drive-by gander at the front yard, maybe slowing down for a better look, but not this hiking through the back forty, into the woods, and sitting beside the stream for awhile. That is more my pace, and I took some time for it today.

Maggies Farm was a great place to explore. And, of course, being a dog person as opposed to a cat person, Bird dog is one of my favorites.