The Devil’s Food made me do it?

I don’t think so.

WorldNetDaily: A devil food is turning our kids into homosexuals
A devil food is turning our kids into homosexuals

Folks, you’ve got to read nutritional information carefully- it is one of the most abused areas of “scientific research” that I know of.

First, I am dubious…ok, I would laugh to scorn the idea that eating something makes you engage in homosexual activity, or identify as a homosexual. For one thing there are plenty of “macho” homosexual men (because I take it that the article wants us to believe that soy’s phyto-estrogens create a feminization that results in homosexuality of men). First, there are too many hormonal affecting substances out there – and that have been out there for quite awhile. I’m not saying this is healthy– just saying that I have strong doubts that it is “making homosexuals”. If you love red meat ( just ignore the possible double entendres- I ought to ignore that…), the facts are that the food industry has been injecting estrogen into their animals for many years. That is why you see natural meat products labeled with “no hormones or antibiotics”. It is probably wise to be mindful of the health implications of food cultivation practices, but there is still alot of controversy on just what is bad for you, and what is harmless.

I do think there is some truth to too much soy being a problem in the proper function of your thyroid- only because I have had some of that in my own experience. I beefed up on soy intake in my forties ( a decade ago) and had some problems that were thyroid related. I then looked up alternative therapies to rebalance ( I found only the information on Maca- an herb which I promptly bought and used). It seemed to moderate matters for me, and I also cut way down on soy. I never would eat tofu, anyway;) All that to say- maybe there are problems in having so much that creates synthetically high estrogen levels in the living environment.

But I draw the line of credulity in accepting that homosexual behavior is completely environmentally or genetically based. It is still a choice, a moral choice, in what we do in our sexual activity. That is also true for Heterosexuals. You can’t blame your hormones for everything.
I should know. I’m a woman.

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  1. Interesting article… I must agree with you. Soy cannot possibly be the only (or even the main) factor. I wish this article had cited references.

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