Same Old Sixties Line- Regurgitated for the Millenial Market

Letter From Brazil
She Who Controls Her Body Can Upset Her Countrymen

Published: April 27, 2006

From SÃO PAULO, Brazil , comes the old story only now by way of the innovation of “weblogging”: Licentious sex is deemed a “woman in control of her body”. Yeah, right.

It is simply the old Happy Hooker in the exotic garb of Brazil. But the article holds a different message, actually. One contradictory to it’s self-interpreted title. Exposed is the fact that womanhood in Brazilian society is not the sexual free-for-all as commonly presumed. This is the same message from Thailand. Just because there are thriving prostitutions markets does not parlay into all women in that society either approving or living with such mores, in fact just the opposite. But all women suffer under the labelization,and insinuation, of the women of their nationalities. And that is one of the great tragedies of the proliferation of prostitution and the sex trade.

But has the heart of women really changed? I think not, notice “Bruna”‘s future hopes and her own repugnance in facing her acts on paper:

” For all her willingness to break taboos, though, Ms. Pacheco’s current life plan is conventional. She has a steady boyfriend and hopes to marry him, and is studying for the national college entrance exam, with a mind to majoring in psychology.

“Being Bruna was a role that left its mark on me, but I can’t abandon her,” Ms. Pacheco said. “There are people who still call me Bruna, and I don’t mind, but I wouldn’t want to be her for the rest of my life.”

Nor is Ms. Pacheco immune to the influence of pudor, a concept important throughout Latin America that combines elements of modesty, decency, propriety and shame. In her book, rather than write out the words commonly used on the street to describe sexual acts and organs, she prints only their first letters, with dots indicating what everyone already knows.

“I think it’s quite vulgar to say the whole word,” she explained. “But I didn’t want to be too formal, either.” “

I wouldn’t want to be her for the rest of my life

Time spent is time lost; and for the individual, what might be building the life you really do want? That question outside of what such license does to society as a whole.

We went through the whole free sex thing…. it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be, was it? Why go there again? Why present illicit sex to women as the ticket to fame & fortune…or even just “pleasing your man”? You don’t think men are pleased with a faithful mate, a devoted love? I’m willing to bet they still are. Why not start there, then? It seems more condusive to a satisfying love to concentrate on the relationship at hand, and grow intimate with each other. Doesn’t the body talk it’s own language? Why should you borrow from someone elses narrative, when you could be discovering the richness of your own marriage?

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