Setting The Stage For Change

My husband and I have a reached a place in life where we see the imperative for change. We’ve seen the need for decades, but there is something in people who are like us that can’t quite negotiate the hurdle. But the specter of ones mortality and the wisdom of counting ones days is an unforgiving goad the makes a painful point, painful enough to pay attention.

We have been working on our family dynamics- which anyone who has seen my recent spate of posts on self-help books now knows. We also are at a point where we have to make real financial changes, as well. I have been steadily taking charge in this, as it is my forte and not my husbands. To get too far into explanation is unnecessary and somewhat painful for us both, so it is edited here. I tried to be the quietly submissive type, I tried to be the unrelenting prophet, I tried nagging and tried to be the answer man, but sometimes it is a matter of waiting for the wake up call. Anyway, it means we are playing catch up with retirement ( misnomer, that) and seeking career change. The good and bad of it is that we are both fairly cautious people, but we are starting to do something, and I find that is the primary thing.

This career change phenomenon is sort of humorous, actually. Not to my husband… men take this quite seriously and normal women probably do, too, but for me, it is something of detached amusement. Of course I can say that because I ‘m not worried about where the next meal comes from; all things in perspective! But there are lots of siren calls out there, aren’t there? And I have not altogether dispatched my flower child/Christian idealist disdain of putting money or ambition as the foremost focus of life. I just see the need to be wiser stewards and the desire to have ability to disperse wealth properly. And then there is that nagging feature of ones time running out.

Thanks to my dad’s legacy of frugality, a little inheritance, and a few stocks I have dabbled in investing for our future, yet I can’t say I’m really all that knowledgeable. I would like to have a business venture with my husband, but I’m not sure what possibilities there are, and we are still raising children for a little while yet. I heard a woman financial adviser author on PBS awhile back and she bemoaned the fact that most women are ignorant of financial matters. That used to be me. If I hadn’t been executor to my fathers estate that would still be me, but I set myself to learn and leap up the learning curve. It is more fun when you don’t have to- I can’t imagine how hard it might have been if dire circumstance demanded it of me…divorce, death of my spouse, who knows?

All my resolutions and all my efforts at self-improvement this year have financial repercussions in some way, and inversely the financial can either be a an asset or liability to one’s health and relationships. Spiritually, how you manage money is in direct relationship to how obedient you are to God and how much you allow His views to rule your choices in your finances and work.

It can be quite inter-related, or at least there can be unseen areas of influence between all these things. So if you begin making positive changes in one area, it often lifts up other areas, and the drag of the negative is also more far ranging than at first look. I don’t know if anyone tried to teach me these things in my youth. Maybe I just didn’t listen or didn’t have the capacity to use it in my life properly???

I’m of the “better late than never” conviction at this juncture of life, however. We have so much wisdom around us, we have only need of eyes and ears that are receptive, I believe.

I think this is probably going to keep finding its way into the blog.